Academy of Fine Music



PIANO Our university trained instructors teach students all facets needed to be skilled pianists, including music theory, technique, scales, music genres, composers, classical reportoire and popular music.  Students are taught to visualize the story of the song to transpose the song into music.  By doing this, they are devleloping musical expression and freedom.  Listening to high quality music, ear training, sight reading, learning about music, musicians and composers are all part of the experiencee.  Students learn about the influences composers still have on popular music today and how to have a musician's ear to listen and identify this.  We pride ourselves in not only teaching children to be pianists; but, to have a life long life of music.  Private lessons are 30 minutes each week.  Monthly tuition is $75 (plus tax) for each month. 

GUITAR Learn to play like a rock star, classically or folk songs with some of the finest guitar instructors Sioux City has to offer! Each private, half hour lesson is dedicated to teaching technique (from how to hold your guitar, finger picking, strumming, to the rudiments of chords and scales) as well as theory (reading music, chord structure, harmony, etc.), all the while building an impressive repertoire of songs to jam on or even perform in front of a live audience! Each lesson is designed around the student's individual needs, goals and musical desires.  Guitar lessons include acoustic, electric, bass and ukulele.  All ages are welcome!   Private lessons with the teacher are 30 minutes each week.  Tuition is $75(plus tax) for each month.

VIOLIN Lessons are taught combining traditional note reading methods along with the Suzuki Method.  Scales are the foundation of playing and are incorporated at each lesson.  Lessons are for begginer to intermediate student.  If you do not have a violin, we can give you the place to rent a violin for lessons.  Private lessons with the teacher are 30 minutes each week.  Ensemble lessons are taught when students are ready.  Monthly tuition is $75 for each month.

VOCAL  Lessons teach vocal strength, range, dynamics, pitch matching, music reading, harmonizing, theory, technique, sight reading, tonal memory, breathing, music expression and performing. Private lessons with the teacher are 30 minutes each week.  Vocal lessons help vocalists perform to sing in the most effective, talented and healthy way.  You'll be amazed at how vocally talented you are with vocal lessons!  Monthly tuition is $75 (plus tax) for each month

MUSIC WRITING Students are taught to write music by learning chords, note progressions, rhythms, dynamics, music notations and music writing technic.  This is taught as a single project or a group project depending on what students like.  Songs are written with lyrics students have written or ideas they may have they'd like to write a song about.  They are taught how to write piano solo, vocal song or even for orchestra with multiple parts.  This class is an hour weekly class because of the time needed.

MUSIC TUTORING is a class for students taking college music classes either online or in classroom setting.  We highly encourage high school students to take a college music class with help from one of our Music Tutors.  This would be an Arts and Humanities credit most degrees need.  We also help with COLLEGE PREPARATION by preparing students that need to audition to be accepted into the college Music Program for their major by finding the requirements for that college, preparing them and mock testing.  Tutoring Class also helps with Music Scholarship applications and requirements.  In most schools you do not have to be a Music Major for a Music Scholarship but do need to participate in some part of their music program.

KINDERMUSIK with Miss Brenda offers music and movement classes for children ages newborn through seven-years-old.  Kindersmusik is that one special place where you and your child can play, sing, dance and giggle together.  Kindermusik is a music and movement program that helps the development of a child in preparing them for school, socially, self-expression, confidence and prepare them for private music lessons.  As a trained and licensed educutor, Miss Brenda guides the class from one activity to the next and helps you understand what your chld is learning musically, cognitively and developmentally.  Musical instruments and activities at home are included in the monthly affordable tuition.  Tuition is $58.30 every four weeks with each new unit.  Currently Kindermusik classes are taught only at daycares and not in the music studio.  Daycare centers can contact us for information to get Kindermusik enrolled in their centers!

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