Academy of Fine Music

Music Facts

The best time to practice is in the morning.  The worst time to practice is squeezing it in between activities.  Practice takes three energies:  Physical, Mental and Emotional.  If you squeeze practice in between activities, play a song quickly "5 times" or practice for a "quick 10 minutes, you will not use the three energies and have a successful practice.  THERE IS A CORRECT WAY TO PRACTICE AND IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR PROGRESS!!
The first opera was written in 1597 by Jacopo Peri.  The opera, titled "Dafne" was about Apollo falling in love with Daphne.  He wrote the opera for a few elite friends.  But it grew to be very popular and famous.  Unfortunately, before it could be published the composition was lost is still missing today.  Three years later, Peri partnered with Giulio Caccini to write the opera, "Euridice."  Early opera (1600-1800) was all based on Greek mythology to teach life lessons through tragedies.
CANTUS FIRMUS TECHNIQUE - Taking a pre-existing song and using the melody for a different songs.  This was first used in churches with non-secular melodies.  They use this now also to use in memory and learning enhancements.  The "ABC Song" is an example of this.  This original melody for that song was from the song, "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."  Other examples are:  "The Bear Went Over the Mountain" used in "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" and "Good Morning to All" used in "The Happy Birthday Song."
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